Regulatory & Compliance 

State and federal regulations are ever-changing, but our year-round commitment to service ensures that your organization will always be prepared. Our services include:

  • Interpreting the effect of regulatory changes on your specific situation including: Affordable Care Act (ACA); Department of Labor (DOL); Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA); among others

  • Determining the steps necessary to stay or become compliant

  • Developing an annual compliance timeline

We provide clients with unlimited access to in-house compliance expertise and online support tools, including a customized compliance checklist. Our checklist considers your organization’s size and specific benefits offerings, creating a roadmap and toolkit for structuring your compliance program.

Our Customized Client Compliance Services includes compliance documents & forms like the following:

  • WRAP Summary Plan Description 

  • Customized Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD’s):

  • Summary of Benefits (SOB’s)

  • Summary Annual Reports (SAR’s)

  • Summary of Material Modifications (SMM’s)

  • 5500 Form & Filing

  • Required Model Notices

  • COBRA Administration